Therefore, it is understandable why some vendors want to go to market soon. We are always more than happy to assist you in selling your home, but you must take steps to ensure your property is in excellent condition. Vendors must make a positive first impression when selling their home, and this means your garden must be in a good condition to view.

Of course, it is easier to maintain and improve your garden in spring. Tricky weather conditions and a low temperature pose problems in winter for gardeners. However, there are ways you can make your garden welcoming in winter, and we are on hand to assist you with some winter garden tips which ensure first impressions count.

Quick tips will improve your garden in winter

  • If the ground is soft enough for you to dig a hole, you can continue to plant flowers and vegetables.
  • You should add mulch to your garden as this will help in maintaining a stable temperature.
  • You should add compost to your garden as this supplies organic nutrients, but don’t add more than three inches of compost.
  • If freezing conditions are predicted, water the ground in advance of the dipping temperature.
  • If you have container plants, you should cover them with a heat retentive blanket.
  • Any homeowner who has houseplants should bring them into the property.

You don’t need to be green-fingered to make these changes in your garden. However, if you follow these steps, you will significantly increase the chances of your garden looking appealing and attractive throughout the winter, and into spring.

Make sure your garden is safe in winter

You should also consider the importance of safety in your garden in winter. Take the time to clear leaves and try to ensure all paths and drives aren’t slippery to walk on. Gritting these areas make them safer to walk on.

Homeowners should also consider adding external lighting in the garden. New lights make the property easier to see in the viewing process, but lights also add security to a home. You should find external lighting options at all price levels, including many affordable options.

 “A welcoming garden sets the tone for any property viewing”, said Hamwic Director Richard Baddams. “You may not convince a buyer to purchase the home when they are outside of the property, but you can put them off the idea of buying your home. When presenting your property for sale, a well-tended garden ensures you create a positive first impression.”

Selling your property is stressful, but with the right support, you can make the process easier. Book a time that is suitable to you or alternatively, you can phone our branch on 02380 663999.