When it comes to making a property move, there is a lot of things to consider.

If you are looking to make a move in the 2020 property market, you are not alone as confidence is back.

You’ve put your property on the market and selected an estate agent to market and sell the home. Now what? A lot of homeowners don’t realise that on average, for every hour that an agent spends with them, they will spend approximately 9 hours working on the seller’s behalf to get the property sold. There are several things that estate agents do behind the scenes when working for a seller:

Selling your home can be challenging, and you likely have aims and goals. However, so does the buyer. As the vendor, you must focus on pleasing the likely buyer of your home. If you know how to get into your buyers’ mindset, the sales process becomes more straightforward.

If you plan on selling your home in winter, it is possible, but there are additional challenges you must overcome. There is a growing number of buyers who operate in the winter market, and of course, the start of 2020 has seen a level of optimism surrounding the property market which has been missing in previous years.

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